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  • Oxford Charcoal
    Abingdon, United Kingdom
    At the Oxford Charcoal Company, we started crafting charcoal in 2013, its easy to light and ready to use in just 15 minutes. We like to think of it as Gourmet charcoal Fuel of Flavour, adding superb flavours to your cooking using a variety of different woods. Our wood is sourced from British woodlands which are sustainably managed and so guarantee you the best quality Charcoal. In addition to creating the best quality bbq charcoal, we hand grade at bagging stage to try and eliminate smaller pieces and pack in paper bags helping our circular economy model. We use the most efficient process creating the smallest of carbon footprints, so every time you buy Oxford Charcoal rather than imported, not only do you get great flavours its better for the environment. And because it's pure, there are no nasty chemicals spoiling the taste of your food. Quite simply, we think it's the best bbq charcoal in the world! We have a bunch of very lucky chefs running anything from a single charcoal oven to a full kitchen on our fuels. Building layers of flavour into the menu, with carefully crafted Charcoal you can give your kitchen an edge that’s pretty hard to come by. We also supply Charcoal, Briquettes, Logs, Biochar, bbq equipment and smoking chips.
  • BBQ Gourmet Ltd
    Malmesbury, United Kingdom
  • CPL Distribution Ltd
    Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Decco Limited
    Newbury, United Kingdom
  • The Dorset Charcoal Company Ltd
    Bryan, United Kingdom
  • Fuel Express Ltd
    Wakefield, United Kingdom
  • Kirklees Developments Ltd
    Brighouse, United Kingdom
  • Labtos Charcoal Merchant
    Thurrock, United Kingdom
  • Nature Circle Ltd
    London, United Kingdom
  • Navigate Ltd
    Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom
  • Planet Barbecue
    Barnstaple, United Kingdom
  • Premier Decorations Ltd
    Ruislip, United Kingdom
  • Rectella International Ltd
    Burnley, United Kingdom
  • Tansun Ltd
    West Bromwich, United Kingdom
  • Tiger Tim Products Ltd
    Mold, United Kingdom
  • Weber-Stephens Products (UK) Ltd
    London, United Kingdom

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